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Leader’s Toolkit

The Leader’s Toolkit Workshop

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This highly experiential half-day workshop cuts to the heart of how to increase psychological safety, collaboration, innovation and performance in your team and organization. The session draws on Professor Amy Edmondson’s Leader’s Toolkit that she describes in her book: The Fearless Organization.

Amy C. Edmondson, PhD

Setting The Stage – Framing the work and emphasizing purpose (to establish shared expectations and meaning)
Inviting Participation – Demonstrating situational humility, practicing inquiry, and setting up structures and processes (to build confidence that voice is welcome)
Responding Productively – Expressing appreciation, destigmatizing failure and sanctioning clear violations (to create an orientation towards continuous learning)

Leadership Practices that Increase Psychological Safety

In the workshop you will have the opportunity to experiment with three key leadership practices that increase psychological safety:

Reframing failure
Open Dialogue and Inquiry-based Leadership
Finishing with appreciation

Join us for this practical and impactful half-day session on September 29 (10am-2pm eastern) or November 18 (10am-2pm eastern).  Cost: $600 USD per participant.

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We invite you to join our growing community of leaders dedicated to creating psychologically safe, diverse, high performing work cultures!

For more information, email us at info@holonixleadership.com.

Holonix provides this workshop in-house upon request.

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