An invaluable resource

Drs. Miranda Ralston and Kathryn Stanley are professionals of unparalleled talent and expertise in leadership and organizational psychology. As a veteran of three military branches and a current Naval Intelligence Officer, I can attest that working with them is a force multiplier and an invaluable resource. Military units would benefit from their leadership skills, experience, and communication to sharpen existing military doctrine and organizational efficiency.

A better version of myself

We discussed a lot on personality growth as a leader…This really opened up new understanding of oneself on how to react sometimes in our lives….and makes my life so much easier now…Your positive outlook in life helped transform me to what I am today—a better version of myself.

Empowering and liberating

…a platform where everyone could express safely and in a mutually understanding manner. It felt empowering and liberating. The outcome…helped me as a leader to find new meaning in my relationship with my team members, find clues about how to empower them, and promote a sense of ownership in team members.