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Revitalize Your Workforce, From the Inside Out

When leaders evolve, so do their teams and companies. The effect is holonic where the dynamism of the leader’s vision energizes followers and vice versa. Our name is based on this ancient principle that governs all living systems.

We help our clients quickly identify unproductive norms and behavioral patterns in the culture and – from that place of clarity – develop strategic actions to catalyze renewal.

We offer leadership and team development, executive coaching, systems transformation consultation, psychological safety and structural dynamics trainings and certifications.

S.A.M. Approved Vendor. Women Owned Business

Transformative Tools

We draw from a carefully curated toolbox of processes that are grounded in psychology and neuroscience, team and structural dynamics, and skillful facilitation. In a short time, our clients are able to gain insights and achieve breakthroughs that lead to personal and system-wide success. Blockages dissolve. Efforts align. Satisfaction soars. And the workforce is transformed.

Explore how we can help you

Explore how we
can help you

Holonix is a preferred partner and provider of Dr. Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organization Scan (FOS), one of our most popular tools for assessing and addressing psychological safety in the workplace. To begin unlocking the full potential of your teams, contact us to bring FOS to your organization and/or join our next FOS certification program.

To sign up for FOS certification

To sign up for FOS

Empowering and liberating

…a platform where everyone could express safely and in a mutually understanding manner. It felt empowering and liberating. The outcome…helped me as a leader to find new meaning in my relationship with my team members, find clues about how to empower them, and promote a sense of ownership in team members.

Dr. Omar Bah
Executive Director and Founder, The Refugee Dream Center

A better version of myself

We discussed a lot on personality growth as a leader…This really opened up new understanding of oneself on how to react sometimes in our lives….and makes my life so much easier now…Your positive outlook in life helped transform me to what I am today—a better version of myself.

Rodessen Yu, CEO

An invaluable resource

Drs. Miranda Ralston and Kathryn Stanley are professionals of unparalleled talent and expertise in leadership and organizational psychology. As a veteran of three military branches and a current Naval Intelligence Officer, I can attest that working with them is a force multiplier and an invaluable resource. Military units would benefit from their leadership skills, experience, and communication to sharpen existing military doctrine and organizational efficiency.

Vance M. Parrish, PsyD
Naval Intelligence Officer