Authentic Presence Inventory (API)

The API is a measure of the strength of a person’s authentic presence. Born out of Dr. Kathryn Stanley’s extensive research, it’s the perfect tool, along with our coaching programs, to help you or your leaders get heard.

We’ve worked hard to translate our research findings into tools and programs that anyone can use to develop authentic presence and sustain the change.

Why Authentic Presence?

In our search of popular literature and consultant offerings for we found that most were focused on improving executive presence by offering partial remedies. Such remedies emphasized developing characteristics such as strong body language, deeper voice projection, and apparel that impresses. 

The problem is that while such qualities sometimes contribute to executive presence, they don’t cause it. Our research shows that some people with strong presence have all three of these qualities, but others have none of them, and nonetheless command respect and have significant impact.

Our approach is different. We initiated a set of ongoing research projects to find out what really enables people to act with executive presence: What causes it? How can it be developed? How can its development be accelerated? We’ve explored such questions across industries, personality type, organization size, gender and ethnicity, age, and other factors.

What we found may well surprise you. Most common knowledge about executive presence is wrong. There are a number of persistent myths, which is probably why so many people struggle without success to make sustained improvements. Most of these myths fall along societal biases and norms and didn’t match what our research revealed.

Kathryn named it Authentic Presence because you don’t have to be an executive to have it. People with authentic presence come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

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What is Authentic Presence?

Authentic Presence is an inside out phenomenon. It starts with you.

Authentic Presence is a state of being that can be readily perceived by others and felt by the bearer as a level of conscious awareness that includes attentive engagement in daily life. Authentic presence is generated from the experience of knowing, being, and accepting who you are in the moment with conscious awareness no matter what you are doing.

It is felt by others on an energetic level as uplifting and builds trust due to the nature of the transparency, acceptance, and compassion that the bearer models and has won due to disciplined and conscious effort in gaining understanding of themselves and what they care about and want to achieve.

The Authentic Presence Model

The research included qualitative interviews that revealed the 4 element structure: purpose, poise, projection, and impact and underlying competencies within each element. Items were developed and submitted to rigorous testing to vet this model and create the valid and reliable Authentic Presence Inventory (API) self and 360 assessment tools.

The competencies within these 4 elements are actionable so that change can be undertaken to improve and grow anyone’s authentic presence.

The API has been used with leaders worldwide since 2009. Contact Us to learn more or take the API.

Authentic Presence Inventory (API) Practitioner Certification

This virtual 16 hour certification program will train participants to use the Authentic Presence Inventory with leaders and coachees. Participants will take the API, receive a 1:1 debrief with faculty, and receive 3 API’s to use with their clients along with 3 hours of follow on supervision. The workshop includes the research behind the API and mindfulness techniques to help anyone increase their authentic presence.

Instruction includes experiential exercises that give participants insight into the sources of their own authentic presence and how to increase it and help others do the same.

The course is structured into 4 virtual learning modules of 4 hours each:
Module 1: Purpose – learn yours and why this is the heart of authentic presence
Module 2: Poise – It’s an inner game. Learn how to manage triggers and stay intentional
Module 3: Projection – how are you showing up? Learn techniques to ensure you are resonating with those you most want to be heard by
Module 4: Impact – assessing yours, why and how. Tying concepts together, preparing for practice.

This certification includes 4 APIs including one for you plus a 1:1 debrief on your API with faculty prior to the start of the course and 3 to use with coaches along with 3 hours of supervision with faculty following the course. Participants will have ongoing access to Holonix Learning LMS and the API instrument portal. Click here to register for the Authentic Presence Inventory (API©) Certification.

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Authentic Presence, Leadership, and Mindfulness Workshop

The conventional view is that executive presence is fundamentally an outer phenomenon, having to do with how one appears, and that it comes naturally to a select few, e.g., executives. However, research indicates that a person’s authentic presence is first and foremost an inner experience, having to do with how one thinks and feels. Additionally, it’s not an all-or-nothing quality, which a few people have and most people don’t. Rather, it’s a personal process, a habitual integration of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions, which is developed incrementally, and becomes more impactful over time. The ability of an individual to be fully present in the moment is a determinant of their authentic presence.

This virtual full-day workshop will utilize the Authentic Presence Inventory (API) and experiential exercises that give participants insight into the sources of their own authentic presence as well as understand how to their ability to lead by being more authentic and present in the moment.

The Authentic Presence Inventory (API) is a statistically valid and reliable self-assessment that measures a four-factor model of the components that make up a person’s authentic presence. Participants will take this online survey in advance and receive the individual report. Experiential learning techniques will be employed to assist participants in working through each of the four components and understanding where they can expand and improve on their presence. This work on presence will then be used as the stepping off point for experiential leadership development exercises that include learning mindfulness techniques. Being more mindful or awake in the present moment has been shown to have not only beneficial health effects (Brefczynski-Lewis, 2007; Creswell, et al., 2007; Davidson & Irwin, 1999; de Charms, et al. 2005; Lieberman, et al., 2007) but also a positive impact on a person’s ability to lead (Boyatzis, 1982; Dwek, 2006; George, 2007; Kouzes & Posner, 2003; Stajkovic & Luthans, 1998)

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