Innovative solutions for a complex world

Leaders and their followers have a dynamic, interconnected, holonic relationship. The behavioral patterns, emotions, and personality profile of the leader influence followers and vice versa. These patterns are repeated at every level and reveal what’s working and what is not. We are able to quickly identify the mosaic of behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs across the system and energize leaders and followers toward healthier and more productive ways of being and doing.   

We provide executive and team coaching, keynote talks, experiential workshops and trainings, and corporate retreats—both virtually and in person. Contact Us to explore how we can help you with your unique goals.

Executive Coaching

Instead of coaching in a vacuum, we assess the leader and their context simultaneously using powerful tools like the Zenger Folkman 360, the bMapTM, API©, and EUM (see below). Insights generated allow leaders to appreciate their strengths and shadows and integrate the gifts from both. The work we do with our leaders helps them learn to live their best life so their organizations can thrive. Contact Us to learn more about how we can support you and your leaders.

Team Coaching and Development

We help teams see their behavioral patterns using the Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) and Behavioral Maps (bMapsTM) an app based team assessment using Structural Dynamics to improve team effectiveness. Insights gained from these lenses help teams improve interpersonal dynamics, reduce conflict, and improve relationships to ensure that all members feel psychologically safe enough to speak up. Contact Us to begin coaching your teams to help them realize their highest potential.

In-House Customized Training and Certification Programs

A psychologically safe organization is a high functioning one. Contact Us if you want us to design and deliver in-house training, learning and development programs, or to determine the skill-building course that’s right for you.

Assessment Tools

Our powerful assessment tools include the Zenger Folkman 360, Kantor’s Baseline Instrument (BI), Behavioral Maps (bMapsTM) an app based individual and team assessment using Structural Dynamics to improve interpersonal competency and team effectiveness, the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) framework, and the Authentic Presence Inventory (API©), among others. We are delighted to be a certifying partner and provider of Dr. Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organization Scan, a powerful starting point for team development.