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A surprise and important realization

Within organizations, we quite often forget about the imbalances that are at play. Those in positions of authority could wield so much power without even noticing it. At the same time, the rest of the team members could feel high levels of powerlessness without those in authority realizing. When Kathryn and Miranda came to the Refugee Dream Center… we had a surprise and important realization as an organization…

Dr. Omar Bah
Executive Director and Founder, The Refugee Dream Center

A better version of myself

We discussed a lot on personality growth as a leader…This really opened up new understanding of oneself on how to react sometimes in our lives….and makes my life so much easier now…Your positive outlook in life helped transform me to what I am today—a better version of myself.

Rodessen Yu, CEO

A transformational journey

It’s been a transformational journey working with Kathryn Stanley, PhD, on the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. She’s an extraordinary executive coaching professional!

Marcelo Alves
Vice President, REMS Global Sourcing & Procurement at TechnipFMC

An invaluable resource

Drs. Miranda Ralston and Kathryn Stanley are professionals of unparalleled talent and expertise in leadership and organizational psychology. As a veteran of three military branches and a current Naval Intelligence Officer, I can attest that working with them is a force multiplier and an invaluable resource. Military units would benefit from their leadership skills, experience, and communication to sharpen existing military doctrine and organizational efficiency.

Vance M. Parrish, PsyD
Naval Intelligence Officer

I use the competencies and skills learned every day

I would highly recommend Holonix…to any leader seeking to better understand…the tangible and intangible forces present in teams. The program…promotes a foundation for building human-centric and people-first work environments…I use the competencies and skills learned every day in my leadership role.

Nicole Genest
Psy.D. Associate Vice President, Clinical Integration Operations Tower Health Providers

For your teams, or your own development

…led the entire organization…to realize gains in engagement, idea generation, and a strategy that would move the organization successfully through a period of major growth and disruption, to measurably better services and program delivery to our clients. I would recommend…Holonix highly for your organizations, senior leadership teams, or your own development.

Jenn Smithwood-Green
Principal, Organization Development @ PTC, HR Executive - Organizational Psychologist - Leadership Coach

Look forward to moving the needle

Thank you for this awesome training; we greatly benefited from these teachings and look forward to moving the needle with more organizations.

Samantha Truman
Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Courage to Care

Wealth of knowledge

I really appreciated the wealth of knowledge you both have and your willingness to share it in this training!

Warren Hilton
Consultant and DEI Coach, Courage to Care

More prepared for an unexpected situation

…we had an important objective, to help educate and engage our employees on the concept of psychological safety and help them put key best practices into action…Dr. Miranda Ralston was a key partner in helping us introduce the concept, get comfortable with it and activate it…our managers are beginning to share experiences where the training helped them to be more prepared for an unexpected situation,…resolve it and ensure a positive outcome.

Shannyn Burch
Director of Talent Development Definitive Healthcare

A safe environment to explore and implement new concepts

From instruction to certification, Kathryn and Miranda provided a safe environment to explore and implement new concepts. This course blended live virtual training with interactive exercises and supervision. I now feel confident in my ability to deliver high quality workshops…

Diane Lapine
M.A., Executive Coach