Understanding Team Dynamics Certification

Learn to shift behavioral patterns for better leadership and group dynamics. Includes bMap assessments, live instruction, coaching, and comprehensive guides.
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Anyone who works with or on teams


3 days

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Empower Your Teams with Cutting-Edge Insights

In today’s complex organizational landscapes, understanding and optimizing team dynamics is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity.

The Understanding Team Dynamics Certification introduces a revolutionary approach to behavioral assessment, leveraging the latest in technology and psychological research to offer unparalleled insights into team and individual behaviors.

Understanding Team Dynamics Certification

Transform Team Dynamics

Introducing behavioral mapping with the bMap

bMaps is an interactive behavioral assessment tool, which you can take and view right on your mobile device.  The bMap is the newest instrument to measure Structural Dynamics.  It is based on the research and scale development of 4 of David Kantor’s protégés including Holonix Co-founder, Kathryn Stanley, PhD who led the psychometric development of the bMap instruments.

The bMaps founder’s mission is to provide a high-quality behavioral assessment app that is instantly accessible, user-friendly, easy to repeat, and affordably priced.  They also aim to contribute to ongoing research about structural dynamics.

This modern instrument gives feedback on an individuals most likely behavioral modes in relevant contexts such as in collaboration with peers or with their supervisor. The team report reveals felt patterns of behavior and the ability to change them now that they can be named. The bMap is the first Structural Dynamics instrument to reveal behavioral patters at the baseline (low stress) and in high stakes (high stress) of both teams and individuals. The bMap is app and web-based making it attractive to all generations of users.

Learn how to measure individual preferences and team patterns with the bMap and become certified in Structural Dynamics

This training will forever change the way you understand interpersonal communication and how to effectively manage team dynamics.

We will teach you how to read the room using Kantor’s model of interpersonal communication called Structural Dynamics. This model allows you to deconstruct group interactions by identifying observable behaviors and what to do about them. Included in the workshop you will be sent a link prior to the day to take the bMap self assessment to understand your own interpersonal style. One of our expert faculty, will coach you one to one on your assessment.

In the workshop we will also look at the scenarios you are struggling most with and help you see the hidden structures fueling them and what to do about it.  You will learn how to change the nature of the conversations you are having so that the difficult and frustrating become productive and generative. Instead of conversations that repeat and leave you drained you will have a number of new cards to play to build trust and increase psychological safety and be seen and heard.

What You Will Gain:

This training will certify you as a level 1 Structural Dynamics coach of individuals and teams using the bMap behavioral mapping system self and team.

Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Effectively debrief an individual on their bMap self report
  2. Work with groups to share results of their team profile to help both gain insight on strengths and areas of growth.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the conceptual framework for both instruments via application.
  4. Be able to design a transformative introductory session for a team new to structural dynamics.

Why Choose Holonix for Your Certification?

Those that attend our trainings in structural dynamics come away understanding their super powers, how to read any room, and flex their communication style. These critical leadership and life skills help anyone be more successful in life. Our trainees report personal transformation and getting unstuck from mental models and ways of being that have limited them achieving their dreams for years.  Structural Dynamics is the missing link.

Our follow on program in Level 2: Leading in High Stakes goes deeper into the unconscious drives lead to behavior in ourselves and others. The two programs combined elevate your ability to lead others, influence others, understand and have empathy for others.  They are foundational to be able to bridge and connect across differences.

By becoming at Holonix Certified Structural Dynamics practitioner you will elevate your work with others that sets you apart as extraordinary.  Holonix trainings are all high touch which means instructors are available and welcoming. Participants feel heard and seen because our faculty meet them where they are. Joining any of our training programs will give you:

  • World-Class Instruction: Learn from Dr. Kathryn Stanley, a global expert in structural dynamics and co-creator of the bMap and how to use it with individuals and teams.
  • Small Class Sizes: Benefit from the intimate learning environment that ensures personalize d attention and maximizes learning outcomes.
  • Experiential Learning: Engage in over 18 hours of applied learning in live modules, supervisory one to one sessions, and using the bMap with individuals and teams.
  • Ongoing Access to Resources: Enjoy continued access to the bMap and Holonix Learning modules providing a wealth of educations materials to enhance your practice.
  • Join a Community of dedicated Structural Dynamics practitioners dedicated to increasing sensitivity to other styles, empathy and building structural bridges across differences. Holonix holds regular ongoing complimentary webinars for graduates of their programs to keep the learning going.

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$3000 per person

Ready to Lead the Change?

By harnessing the power of bMaps, you're not just assessing behavior; you're unlocking the potential of your team to achieve unprecedented success. For more information and to join our next certification cohort, click the button below.