Understanding Team Dynamics Certification

Learn to measure and shift team dynamics to high performance. Includes bMap assessments, live instruction, coaching, and comprehensive guides.
Suitable for

Individual Contributors & Managers


3 days

Class Size

Between 5-12


Virtual or In-house

Empower Your Teams with Cutting-Edge Insights

Teamwork is essential to managing the complexities of today’s business environment. However, unspoken, underlying differences in approaches to working together suppress collaborative capabilities of many groups and teams. This can result in conflict and low performance and a lot of stress for everyone involved.

When we can name those differences in a way that honors them, we can move forward together. Differences become strengths when they are seen, understood and valued.

Understanding Team Dynamics Certification

Transform Team Dynamics

Introducing our certification program: Understanding Team Dynamics: Structural Dynamics Level 1.

This training will forever change the way you understand interpersonal communication and navigate group and team dynamics.

We will teach you how to read the room using the Structural Dynamics model of interpersonal communication. This model allows you to deconstruct group interactions by identifying observable behaviors and what to do about them. You will also learn how to measure individual and team preferences using the bMaps behavioral mapping instruments. The bMap is the latest instrument used to measure structural dynamics in individuals, teams, and across systems. It includes work contexts that matter and takes low and high stress factors.

Become a Certified Structural Dynamics Practitioner with Holonix!

Holonix offers this exclusive certification program that empowers you to lead the charge in transforming team dynamics and your interpersonal relationship. This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and tools to administer, interpret, and apply the bMap effectively, helping individuals and teams achieve unparalleled performance levels.

What You Will Gain:

By becoming a Holonix Certified Structural Dynamics practitioner you will elevate your work with others that sets you apart as extraordinary. Joining this program will give you:

  1. Expertise in measuring and improving team dynamics and interpersonal communication: Master the art conversation and navigating differences to ensure high levels of teaming and getting heard. Learn how to identify individual preferences and map behavioral patterns across teams and whole systems with the bMap!
  2. Hands-on Experience: Use the bMap with individuals and a pilot team while being supervised by a faculty of experts to ensure learning and attain practical skills. Course includes 6 bMap annual memberships and one team report to use with your pilot team and a suite of tools to help you take concepts learned to elevate your work.
  3. Experiential Learning: Receive 3 days of live instruction plus 2-3 hours of supervision beyond time in the course.
  4. Ongoing Support: Join a global community of Structural Dynamics Practitioners, benefiting from ongoing learning opportunities and peer support. Join our quarterly, practitioner only webinars
  5. Comprehensive Resources: Access an extensive suite of tools to support your practice and your clients.

Why Choose Holonix for Your Certification?

Participants come away understanding their super powers, how to read any room, and flex their communication style. These critical leadership and life skills help anyone be more successful in life. Our trainees report personal transformation and getting unstuck from mental models and ways of being that have limited them achieving their dreams for years.  Structural Dynamics is the missing link.

Our follow on program in Level 2: Leading in High Stakes goes deeper into the unconscious drives that inform and limit our behavior. Surfacing these old scripts helps unlock keys to achieving our highest aspirations and working successfully with others one to one and on teams. 

The two programs combined elevate your ability to lead, influence, understand and have empathy for others. They offer foundational building blocks to bridge differences.

Program Info

New Program Session dates are added regularly.


$3000 per person

Ready to Transform Team Dynamics?

Embark on your journey to becoming a certified Structural Dynamics Practitioner and help individuals and teams get unstuck and realize their full potential! For more information and to join our next certification cohort, click the button below.