Fearless Leader Workshop

This highly experiential workshop, designed for leaders, cuts to the heart of how to increase psychological safety, collaboration, innovation and performance. Participants in this workshop will learn and try out three key leadership practices that increase psychological safety. Outcomes Leaders learn to: Set the stage to get everyone on the same page Invite participation to realize the full potential of their team Respond productively by managing their energy and emotions Shift their mindset from individual contributor to people manager Increase their awareness of self and leadership impact 3 - 6 hours, virtual or in person. Course delivery can be customized into 3 modules and timed to fit the client’s needs.

What Just Happened?

If you have ever left an important meeting feeling frustrated and asking yourself, "What just happened ?" this class is for you. Face to face communication is one of the most challenging things we deal with every day in organizations. There is so much that can get in the way of understanding despite the words spoken and oceans of good intent. If you are interested in learning how to decipher what just happened consider joining us for a one day workshop that will forever change the way you understand interpersonal communication. We will teach you how to read the room using Kantor’s model of interpersonal communicate called Structural Dynamics. This model allows you to deconstruct group interactions by identifying observable behaviors and what to do about them. Included in the workshop you will be sent a link prior to the day to take the Baseline Instrument to understand your own interpersonal style. We will also look at the scenarios you are struggling most with and help you see the structure behind them and in doing so learn how to change the nature of the conversations you are having so that the difficult and frustrating become productive and relationship building.

Understanding Team Dynamics

Learn to shift behavioral patterns for better leadership and group dynamics. Includes bMap assessments, live instruction, coaching, and comprehensive guides.

Fearless Organization Scan

Develop the ability to measure, interpret, and enhance psychological safety in teams, fostering high performance and monitoring organizational health over time.