Conor Coughlin has always had a passion for both the interpersonal and technical aspects of business. He has a true entrepreneurial spirit and believes that strong leadership and positive organizational culture is equally as important to successful management as any other functional area. Although early in his career, Conor is committed to developing into an inspirational business leader by learning from his mentors and gaining a well-rounded experience to build a foundation for success.

Conor has a background in financial analysis and accounting, specifically with several years of experience in the commercial real estate, property management, and construction industries. He carries a B.S.B.A with a concentration in Management and minor in Finance and Master of Business Administration from Slippery Rock University. He is currently involved in several organizations and takes a special interest in Business Development.

In his free time, Conor has a proclivity for the outdoors and has always enjoyed kayaking, camping, and hiking. He has never been able to choose between beaches or mountains, so he tries to see both of them as much as possible. Conor is also an avid music fan. He loves going to live shows in all genres and grew up playing the saxophone.