Funmi Aguocha loves working with organizations and leaders to develop a framework for systemic change at many levels and to strengthen capacity for long-term change. She uses the immunity to change strategy to better understand viewpoints and obstacles when working with people and groups to promote shifts in mindset and mental model through psychological safety.  

Funmi draws her on 17 years of experience as a leader and a consultant with the ability to design, implement and evaluate interventions collaboratively at an individual, group, systems-level to create new operating models and deliver sustainable change. She works with organizations to navigate systemic and organizational change to provide a deliberate strategy to improve leadership, corporate culture and to help companies drive their missions forward while offering high-impact solutions. She is also an adjunct faculty member of the Organizational and Leadership Psychology department at William James College. 

As an expert facilitator and trainer, Funmi designs and develops training modules that improve teams and group functioning related to their unique dynamics. By fostering individual or group growth, and by jointly designing and putting into practice tactics to achieve such progress. With the goal of emphasizing the improvement of relationships between team members and communication between the team and the organization. 

Funmi earned a Psy.D. in Organizational & Leadership Psychology with an area of emphasis in Leading Nonprofits & NGO, an M.S in Applied Educational Psychology, and a B.A. in Psychology. 

Among Funmi’s area of special focus and expertise are adult development and leadership, relational leadership specifically in the areas of leader-member exchange and resonant leadership, psychological safety, change management and team and group dynamics.  

Funmi certified in Existential Universe Mapper, The Fearless Organizational Scan and is an organizational change practitioner.