Jenn Smithwood-Green is committed to driving positive change by instilling human-centered leadership within global organizations. As a coach and consultant, she partners with leadership teams to create practical strategies that navigate today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape. Jenn’s hands-on approach not only boosts growth and performance but also fosters empowerment and teamwork in the groups she guides.

With over a decade of experience in senior roles in non-profit and tech sectors, Jenn has led global initiatives focused on leadership at all levels, building high-performance teams, and fostering organizational agility. She is also skilled at designing impactful leadership programs that provide immersive learning experiences and lead to lasting behavioral and cultural changes.

Jenn’s influence extends beyond the corporate world. She has been a featured speaker at international conferences, where she shares real-world strategies for effective teamwork and forward-thinking work models. Her contributions, such as promoting innovation through psychological safety and developing hybrid work strategies for a major global tech company, have earned recognition in reputable business and research publications.

Jenn’s journey in leadership and team development began 15 years ago as a Wilderness Expeditions Instructor. In this role, she guided teams through challenging physical and mental environments, igniting her passion for unlocking potential. With a Master’s in Organizational Psychology and certifications in behavioral research, leadership coaching, and assessment, including as a Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) practitioner, Jenn is a catalyst for change in leadership and organizational strategy.