Miranda Ralston is committed to collaborating with clients to build the capacities they need to respond to ever-evolving conditions. A relational leader and educator, she understands how fundamental to success it is for an organization to support healthy interactions in the workplace at all levels. Miranda is a ground-breaking neuroscience researcher, brain-based executive coach, and passionate leadership psychologist with expertise across industries and sectors. Applying psychological theory and cutting-edge neuroscience research, her work enables leaders, teams and organizations to maximize psychological safety, navigate change, release pent-up energies, and reach new levels of performance.

Education and Experience: Miranda is a highly skilled online and in-person facilitator with expertise in psychological safety, resonant leadership, creating hybrid structures, and training and development. She shares her expertise with clients at Holonix as well as at Harvard Business School where she is an Executive Coach. She was also formerly the CEO and president of Ralston Directional, a firm that provided horizontal drilling services to major US gas and oil industry players. This hands-on executive experience provides a valuable balance to her academic background as she assists clients in dealing with pressing business and organizational challenges in pivotal times.

Miranda holds a doctoral degree in leadership psychology, a master’s degree in organizational leadership, and undergraduate degrees in education and psychology. She directed a Masters in Organizational Psychology degree program and a Neuroscience of Leadership Area of Emphasis for doctoral students, serving as core faculty and program leader. Miranda co-created and directed the first Neuroscience of Leadership Lab in an academic setting.

Special Areas of Expertise: Among Miranda’s areas of special focus and expertise are psychological safety, the neuroscience of organizations and leadership, leadership behaviors that promote performance in followers, resonant leadership, dialogue and communication at work, team and group dynamics, and promoting personal development and leadership in middle and high school girls.

Research: Miranda has conducted ground-breaking neuroscientific research exploring the impact of leadership behaviors on followers from neurological, physiological, and psychological perspectives. Her research linked resonant leadership behaviors to increased psychological safety, lowered heart rate, and positive neurological changes in followers. She has presented her research at the New England Psychological Association (NEPA) conference with workshops and symposiums titled, The Boss and your Brain, The Neuroscience of Innovation, and Neuroscience in the 21st Century. Miranda uses the findings of her research to support leaders in creating relationships and environments where all participants can perform at their best. Miranda co-authored the article, “Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Social Architecture, and Black Male Leadership,” which appeared in the 2021 award-winning special issue of Advances in Developing Human Resources.

Certifications: Miranda is a licensed training provider for David Kantor’s Structural Dynamics Baseline and Team instruments, a partner of the Fearless Organization, and a training provider in the Fearless Organization Scan. She is also a certified Brain-Based executive coach, and a certified practitioner in the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) instrument.

Personal: As a 17-year-old youth leader, Miranda traveled up and down the East Coast to help middle and high school girls build confidence, self-awareness and communication skills. Her commitment to working with young women has never waned: She is currently involved in creating a Girls Leadership Program for Middle and High School. Miranda lives with her husband, daughter and many beloved animals south of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Miranda Ralston, PsyD
COO and Co-Founder of Holonix, LLC