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What We Do

What We Do

We provide executive and team coaching, experiential workshops, trainings, and corporate retreats—both virtually and in person. Contact Us to explore how we can help you with your unique goals, or click on any of the course titles under Enrolling Now: Public Skill Up! Workshops and Certifications below to go directly to an option that interests you.

S.A.M. Approved Vendor. Woman Owned Business.

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Instead of coaching in a vacuum, we assess the leader and their context simultaneously using powerful tools like the Zenger Folkman 360, the bMapTM, API©, and EUM (see below). Insights generated allow leaders to know and appreciate their shadow and light sides and integrate the gifts from both. The work we do with our leaders helps them learn to live their best life so their organizations can thrive. Contact Us to learn more about how we can support you or your leaders.

Team Coaching and Development

We help teams see their behavioral patterns using the Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) and the bMapTM. We introduce critical structures that need to be considered by any team to be high functioning. Insights gained from these lenses help teams improve interpersonal dynamics to ensure that all members feel psychologically safe enough to voice their ideas, questions, and concerns to be able to achieve their goals. Contact Us to begin coaching your teams to help them realize their highest potential.

In-House Customized Training and Certification Programs

A psychologically safe organization is a highly effective one. Contact Us if you want us to design and deliver in-house training, leadership development programs, or to determine the skill-building course that’s right for you. Click below on the course headers to learn more about our current public offerings.

Enrolling Now: Public Skill Up! Workshops and Certifications

Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) Certification
Determine your teams’ psychological safety and improve workplace dynamics

Fearless Leadership Workshop Suite (Leader’s Tool Kit and more)
Give your leaders confidence and the knowledge of how to be fearless leaders who create psychologically safe and winning company cultures

Burnout Recovery, Mindfulness, and Wellbeing Workshop
Get off the path of burnout toward wellbeing and renewal

High Performance Teaming Workshop
Clarify your team’s purpose-structure fit to avoid pitfalls and maximize success

Fearless Dialogue Practices Workshop
Learn simple techniques to help others feel heard, psychologically safe, motivated and engaged

Authentic Presence Inventory (API©) Certification
Learn how to measure and enhance your own and other’s executive presence

Structural Dynamics Level 1 Certification: Kantor’s Baseline Instrument [BI] self and team
Uncover hidden team dynamics, improve the conversation, and accelerate team performance

Structural Dynamics Level 2 Certification: Leading in High Stakes
Masterfully navigate high-stakes situations using structural dynamics and neuroscience

Questions? Write us at info@holonixleadership.com, call us at 508.333.9417, or visit the Contact Us page.

Assessment Tools

Our powerful assessment tools include the Zenger Folkman 360 feedback tool, Kantor’s Baseline Instrument (BI), bMapsTM, the Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) framework, and the Authentic Presence Inventory (API©), among others. We are delighted to be a certifying partner and provider of Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organization Scan, a popular starting point for team development.