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Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) Certification

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A Way to Measure Team Effectiveness

Harvard Business School Professor, Amy C. Edmondson, PhD, discovered psychological safety when researching hospital teams in the 1990s. She found it was the number one factor that differentiated high performing teams. Since then, her ongoing research and that of other social scientists around the world has shown that psychological safety is the most critical underlying factor in determining the success of any team. Furthermore, research at Harvard University demonstrates that teams and organizations with higher levels of psychological safety perform better on almost any metric or KPI in comparison to teams and organizations that have low psychological safety.

Birth of the FOS

In 2019 Amy joined forces with Infocaster CEO Sander Hoeken to make it easy to measure psychological safety in teams. This collaboration resulted in the Fearless Organization Scan which houses Amy’s 7 question scale called the Psychological Safety Index (PSI). The report that is generated gives the team’s overall PSI against a benchmark of teams across the world. It also shows team members perceptions of psychological safety across 4 dimensions: open conversation, willingness to help, diversity and inclusion, and attitude to risk and failure.

Become a Fearless Practitioner

The Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) provides a quick and reliable way to measure team performance. It gives results at the individual, team and across whole systems. This course will teach you how to administer, interpret and use the scan with teams to to help them reach high performance. You will also learn how to use it to map psychological safety across systems resulting in a heat map along with an organizational dashboard that allows you to monitor psychological safety over time and calculate return on investment.

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As a Holonix trained practitioner, you join a community of dedicated people trying to make the world a bit safer to help overcome some of the planet’s biggest challenges. We offer ongoing practitioner events including webinars, and the popular Fearless Fridays with Drs. Stanley and Ralston.

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Global Certification Opportunities (more dates coming soon for 2022 and 2023!)

Holonix is a premiere Fearless Organization Scan (FOS) global partner. Our trainers in the United States, England, Canada, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Dubai, and India regularly host certification programs in various languages throughout the year.

We invite you to join our growing community!

Learning Journey

Certification programs include two to three facilitators and up to 20 participants. Participants receive 16-20 hours of experiential learning, free scans to use with their pilot teams, individual and group coaching, and ongoing access to Holonix LMS, and access to the FOS instrument portal, PowerPoint slides, concepts manuals, videos, brochures to use with clients and more!

This virtual course includes 5 modules (one optional), each 3 hours.
Module 1: Building the foundation: experiencing basic concepts
Module 2: The Fearless Organization Scan (FOS): psychometrics & 4 Dimensions
Module 3:  High performance teaming structures, group dynamics, and dialogue practices (optional)
Module 4:  Using the FOS with teams: Ethical Intervention Practices

                 Between Modules 4 & 5:  
                 Attend individual and small group supervision sessions
                 Debrief your team with FOS

Module 5:   Next Steps: Evaluating and advancing your practice.

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Holonix provides in-house certification programs on request.

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